Aspire NAUTILUS X Coils : 1.5ohm (14-22w) (5 Pack)

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The all new Aspire Nautilus X Coils are designed for use with the new Aspire Nautilus X

The Nautilus X represents the peak of the Aspire atomizer development curve. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavour, and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance.
Nautilus X coils are now rated at 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) and 1.8Ω (12-16 watts). The Nautilus X coils incorporate U-Tech, the latest coil technology. Vape flows through the U-shaped chamber and passes the Kanthal coils twice before being inhaled. This all-new airflow performance allows for unrivaled vape flavour and e-juice taste.

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